As an organization, we want to see every kid have the opportunity to have the experience of archery. Our mission is to give the archery experience to as many kids as we can reach in the Salt Lake and surrounding counties in the Utah geography.

Our near term goals are to:

  • Make it possible for a lot more kids to get the kind of training that our current JOAD kids are getting right now.
  • Help identify more individuals with strong olympic potential
  • Provide a full time training center to help develop individuals with high potential into olympic candidates
  • Increase the number of certified coaches in the organization

Our long term goals are to:

  • Improve on the functionality of the training center to include technologically advanced training aids, some as simple as video to allow the archer to better visualize things that need improvement, others more focused on the archery equipment to optimize the performance of the equipment for the archer.
  • Expand the opportunity for the public to have access to archery ranges by working with local city and county recreation departments.
  • Broaden the archery experience to include more than just target shooting.  For example, archery golf, field archery, 3D, etc

We take pride in that we value the experience these kids get through our program. The combination of our commitment to the youth, our passion to see them succeed, our loyalty to each other, and the experience we have will truly make a difference.

The result of our efforts is clear with the youth we help. We have seen drastic improvements in not only the capabilities of the youth as it relates to archery, but also with their functionality socially among others and characteristically with improved focus and attention.